Monday, 29 November 2010

Prison de Joaquin Raid

It was hard.

1st Attempt - 28 November straight after CW
dugunitrous : Romina - STW - Grandice
Cruz : Romina - STW - Nar
Lloydworth : Romina - Scout - Torsche
Pyratic : Musk - Scout - Elementalist
Almarech : Grandice - Scout - Hellena

We tried to follow the guide but upon entering, there was no mini-map (LAME). Mobs were a lot stronger than expected and since it was our first time, we were slightly unprepared. We failed to finish the raid even with Hrins, Triumph Fillers and Status Ampules, though we tried fighting until the end.

2nd Attempt - 29 November
dugunitrous : Trooper - Scout - Reckless
Cruz : Nar - Scout - Grandice
Lloydworth : Grace - Scout - Fighter
Pyratic : Elementalst - Scout - Fighter
Tlabbar : Romina - STW - Elementalist

We learned from our mistakes quickly. Moving as a group and luring + AOE made this attempt a lot easier. We knew where the "ambush spots" were and had Abyss Flares and Spell Hails waiting for them. We had better knowledge on what to expect this time around and it was definitely a lot easier and less painful.

We were all very happy that we completed it despite our "common" armor (no ELN users here!)

As for the drops.. well.. we should do this more often.

Recipe - ELN and Recipe - Prison Series 32AR Weapons
32AR items, HQ Earring, Recipe - Artisan Grade accessories

Gold/Silver Earring, Recipe - Magic Grade accessories
Innocentio Stance Book

note : I spammed screenshot button while the roulette was going.

I highly recommend Fighter/Trooper + Scout + Reckless/Ele for this raid. A lot of the mobs wont be able to hit flying, which makes Reckless very nice to use.


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